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Curtain Wall

A curtain wall is a non-structural glass covering on a building that can be made of a lightweight material, reducing construction costs. Curtain walls now are typically designed with aluminum profile which is an inexpensive solution when you want to create partitions on the outer layer of an architectural structure.

Glass is fitted within the tracks of the curtain wall with the great advantage is that natural light can penetrate deeper within the building.

A curtain wall is designed to resist air and water infiltration, sway induced by wind and seismic forces acting on the building, and its own dead load weight forces.

They can also act as a fire stop, preventing the spread of fire from floor to floor of the building structure.

Fencing Profiles

Aluminum fences’ advantage is that they require almost no maintenance. The range of different heights and spacing of the mesh allows the execution of the fence as a landscaping trim or for the protection of property. It is commonly used in the North American market in residential, commercial and industrial land delimitations.

The other advantage of aluminum fencing is its lightness, durability and affordability with high corrosion resistance and strength.

For Fencing Solutions, we offer the pre-fabricated aluminum material for building the final product such as the pickets, posts, horizontal and vertical bars. We supply fences and gates that meet AAMA specifications. We also have a variety of finials, endcaps, and decorative additions to market and assemble fences and gates as the clients need.

Heat Sink

The use of aluminum heat sinks is critical product cooling systems can result in enormous benefits for industrial and commercial electronic device manufacturers. Improvements in aluminum extrusion profile technology make it possible to produce aluminum heat sinks for cooling mechanisms that call for a combination of greater strength and lighter weight. Extruded shapes generally have a greater tolerance than machined parts, and aluminum has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel, brass, or copper.

Aluminum alloy is very malleable and, consequently, aluminum heat sink extrusion profiles can be created in a wide variety of unique designs. Aluminum is a good heat conductor and a good heat reflector, making it very useful in heat transfer applications and as a highly reflective heat shield. Aluminum alloy can be made in various tempers and is relatively low in cost. Through the process of smelting, refining and scrapping, aluminum alloy can also be pounded into foil, fins and sheets used in aluminum heat sinks.


About 95% of North American railings for high rise buildings and homes are made of aluminum.

The alternatives in previous decades were PVC and galvanized steel but these have not stood the test of time like aluminum. It is the leading material for balconies, exterior separations, shading systems, and much, more. The advantages of aluminum railing:

  • Design Flexibility: The look of the final railing product is not limited since the metal is easily workable for designers and architects. The machining for custom aluminum fabrication is not expensive compared to other metal railing because it is a light and versatile metal so the sky is the limit with the design and overall outcome of aluminum.
  • Durability: aluminum never loses its structural integrity. In fact, Aluminum gets stronger with age! Properly coated aluminum extrusions will last many years with only periodic cleaning required. The beauty of aluminum is that even if the paint is scratched to the base metal, the aluminum will not corrode in most environments. Aluminum railing will not rot or decay like wood, it won’t rust away in the critical joints like steel or wrought iron and it won’t crack in the cold like PVC.

Shower Door

Quality aluminum doorframes that don’t rust make for the most clean, economical, lightweight and easy to install shower door option. Our products won’t wear out because we source and deliver the highest quality processed metal for water resistance and durability in general. Good thermal performance and great EMC shielding performance of aluminum extrusion profiles is our forte.

We offer competitive prices for shower door aluminum extrusions and can guide our customers to source the remaining components and glass necessary to carry a complete line of shower doors.

Our custom extrusions for shower doors are made of the finest aluminum and stainless steel. They are combined with durable hardware and tempered safety glass to make the best shower enclosures possible.

Solar Panel Frame & Racking

Aluminum extrusion is the metal of choice in solar frames because of its heat bearing capability, non-corrosive properties, and weather-resistant advantage of these solar panel architectures.

We are Specialized in aluminum frame in silver and black anodized 10 ~ 18 um, 6063-T5 alloy aluminum. We have been supplying North American market for over 2 years and our strategic partners are Canadian Solar Inc., Silfab Solar, Heliene, etc.  We are a proud member of Cansia through our head office in Montreal

The specially designed extruded aluminum rail make the installation a simple and efficient process. The structure of the frame is basically 4 extruded profiles of aluminum with a clip to attach each corner firmly. For the racking, we can provide you with standard or custom solutions based on where the solar frame will be mounted.

We are especially inclined to promote this product because it reflects our overall environmentally friendly philosophy and green technology facilities.

Truck & Trailer

Aluminum’s natural corrosion resistant properties provide truck and trailer improved durability and longer life cycles compared to materials other than aluminum

Lighter weight aluminum profile offers the potential for improved fuel economy, reduced vehicle maintenance costs, and increased cargo revenue.

Our extrusions are also perfect for:

  • Oil industry for oil tanks and pressure vessels for aluminum 5454 alloy plate
  • Automotive industry and transportation industry for auto parts, with cold drawn extrusions
  • Marine Industry for 5083 aluminum plate, as well as aluminum and stainless steel railing

Wind Tower

Lightweight aluminum is key to reducing efficiency losses during wind power generation. Extruded aluminum profiles are becoming increasingly important as the wind energy market continues to grow. Our ability to make custom sizes and fulfill large orders without a hitch makes us your best supplier of wind tower solutions material.

We are especially inclined to promote this product because it reflects our overall environmentally friendly philosophy and green technology facilities.


There are several benefits to choosing aluminum profile to build windows for residential, commercial and industrial properties. The aesthetic value and durability makes it the leading material used in new development, both for luxury and standards homes. It requires very little maintenance when compared with other alternatives and has weather resistant characteristics making aluminum profiles for standard and sliding windows a significant added value to any property.


Energy Efficient Aluminum windows and doors provide significant improvement in the heat gain and loss by up to 60% verses more expensive equivalent Wood and PVC options.

Aluminum products provide increased design flexibility through style, finishes and color options with increasing thermal properties and always working with your budget in mind.

Immediate advantages to the customer in the modern world are reduced carbon footprint, long term durability, recyclability, and a short payback on investment.